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we do offers both the medical and surgical abortion procedures.

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There are two types of doing abortion.

You may either use pills { Medical Abortion } or perform a surgery { Surgical Abortion}

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How does a Medical Safe Abortion Clinic / Procedure Work 0610114279

A Medical abortion is when two types of abortion pills will be used to end the pregnancy same day without any complications.

There are several types of abortion pills on the market but we only use medically approved pills. See image below.

You may either call, Whatsapp or send an email to order Abortion pills.

Should you prefer to have the abortion performed at the clinic under the supervision of the doctor, firstly we shall find out a few questions about your medical history, check for vital signs like blood pressure, maybe bleeding during the pregnancy and also repeat a urine pregnancy test.

We Shall talk to you about the abortion options available for you like the Surgical Abortion also termed as a 

You will then be given a pill to swallow which is meant to block the hormone called (Progesterone).

Progesterone  is needed to maintain the pregnancy and because this  hormone is blocked, the uterine lining begins to shed, hence softening the cervix.

After a few hours, another set of abortion tablets will be swallowed orally as well which might lead to some bit of discomfort followed by cramping or period pains,




And bleeding hence a successful termination of pregnancy.  

Surgical Abortion

A surgical abortion can be done safely only if the pregnancy can be definitely seen inside the uterus on careful ultrasound exam.

The lower limit of visualization of a pregnancy by ultrasound is 5 weeks by menstrual age (approximately 3 weeks after conception).

The surgical abortion method used for first trimester abortions is known as suction dilatation and curettage (D&C).

During the procedure, the cervical canal is very gently dilated with sterile dilators, and the uterine contents are gently suctioned out with sterile, one-use-only, disposable plastic uterine curettes.

Feel free to ask about anything that concerns you.

Trust your feelings about the way you are treated on the phone (when you make the appointment) as well as in person. You should not have to defend yourself to anyone; you should feel supported in your decision and how you want your care to be provided.

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